How to schedule Conference Room
Reservations Using Google Calendar

Each office will have its own Google Calendar Account. You can reserve times for The Conference Room by logging into Google, using the Email address and password. Below are instructions that will walk you through the process. There is also a Video file that will show you the process.

Office Account Name Password
Island Cottage Way 100islandcottage
High Tide Drive 320hightide

1. Log into the correct Google account at

2. Click "more" then in the drop down menu click calendar.

3. Once in Goggle calendar, select the time slot which you wish to use.

4. When the bubble comes up, hit "Edit Event Details", and this will open a new form. Fill out the correct time and date, but don't change any other settings.

5. Your event should now appear in the calendar.

Click here for video instructions.

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